Why Lotus Notes/Domino?

Why Lotus Notes/Domino?

For anything other than the ultimate in collaborative solutions there is no other choice.

The Notes client is a robust solution for email and applications. 

As an email platform, Notes can interface to your Exchange or other SMTP seamlessly.  But with the Domino server you integrate with a calendaring and scheduling solution that is years beyond Microsoft's solution.

It is the application solution which is most often forgotten.  Yes, it is a "Rapid Application Development" environment.  When you use the best add-ins with this environment (as from TeamWork Solutions) development will be both better and faster than the normal "core" development procedures of the .Net world.  Development and maintenance of a Domino installation also requires fewer people, giving you real per-desk cost that is lower than an equivalent MS solution.

Workflow, quality RAD, and complete communications integration make Domino the best corporate choice.
(And I don't work for either one -- I just want the best for my clients.)