Building Your Solution

Ok, so you want a corporate intranet/internet solution. So where do you start? First, you start with defining your requirements. Of course you can say "we need an internet presence" but that's too easy. It doesn't answer any business needs. For what purpose do you require this? eCommerce? Polls? Product presentation? For anyone to build a worthwhile site you will go through a tedious process of designing it down to the last detail. After that you will go through the process of verifying the developer's designs based on your information. Once you are in agreement then the proto-typing can begin. In the end you will get a product designed around your needs. Because good business is what it *should* all be about. Here are some preliminary steps to work through. This is pretty similar among the various consultants. But if a consultant starts building something before taking you through this process, then beware. You might easily purchase something that meets no business need.

PART 1 -- The Design Process (a general overview)

STEP 1 Take a notebook and draw out the look and feel of each page. Note each field and the type of information that the field should accept or display. It does not have to be perfect but it does have to be complete enough to support a conversation.

Draw a chart with the relationships between each field.

STEP 3 Write a brief description of how the site should operate within your company.

STEP 4 Contact me and we can set up a time and place to discuss actualizing your solution. This will require not only your presence but likely some or all of the stake-holders.

PART 2 and onward
Development, business coordination and dialogue, deployment, follow-up, and everything else necessary for a quality business solution.

My rate is $85 per hour.