The emphasis of my efforts is in theological education in the local church. With this, my concern is that we too often concentrate on a bare minimum of training. The unfortunate consequence is that many believers are ill-equipped to face the ethical and philosophical challenges in the world around us. As useful as the Revival movement was in bringing a great number of people to Christ it did a poor job preparing them for the coming challenges of technology, innovation, and affluence.

My goal is to (a) train teachers to do the best possible job in the classroom, (b) teach classes that confront head-on, and without compromise or cliche, the real issues which face belivers, and (c) to make these efforts as much evangelistic as internally educational. The mission of the church is not to be internally therapeutic. And neither is it to be evangelistic at the expense of all else. The goal is to, as much possible, fulfill as much training as possible so that all believers can minister, to each other and to the lost world around us, the redemptive and effective Gospel. (Acts 8:1)

My theological background and commitments:
1. Born-again, evangelical
2. I hold to the fundamentals of inerrancy and the unique and sufficient efficacy of Christ's work.
3. "Reformed", but leaning towards a classic Calvinist position. (The modern determinists bother me.)
4. Church background is a combination of Conservative Baptist and Evangelical Free.
5. Currently leading the Adult Ed area in our local church.
6. I belive and teach the doctrine of the local church.
7. B.S., Grace College of the Bible/Grace University, Omaha, 1981
8. Currently in graduate studies, TEDS, Columbus/Xenos extension.