Topics of Interest

Two presentations for your local church or Christian school.

1. Teacher training
A half-day training and re-inforcing interactive presentation for your teachers, both adult and child education.

2. Creation and evolution
A half-day confrontation of the evolutionary model. This presentation is designed to equip students (HS&college) to face the challenge of the evolutionary model and give special creation its proper place. This is not just another re-hash of creation information that is available in a number of books. Instead it is an examination of (1) scientific theory-making and (2) the deficiencies of the evolutionary model as presented by leading scientists in the area. The participant is left with a useful set of tools for dealing with both bad information and bad theory structures that are common in the evolutionary community.

For those concerned, I take the "OEC" position as my studies of both the Word and Science have led me to conclude that, though the earth is more than 6,000 years old, there are certain matters which demand special creation at certain points.