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Software Developer

Now entering the world of Android development.
Stay tuned. In the very near future you will be treated to some nifty Android tools.

A simple application developed in raw PHP

This is a really simple PHP application. Like everything else ever developed, it includes components borrowed from a variety of sources, including the menu style and the semi-transparent background of the Help and Contact information. Set your browser is to allow new windows instead of new tabs. The application begins with three entries. You may add more. Just follow the provided instructions available via Help.



The recently-completed Women of Faith in Culture site was built in drupal around the "wabi" template. It was designed for a simple, clean display, and lengthy text presentations.

Why Lotus Notes/Domino?

Why Lotus Notes/Domino?

For anything other than the ultimate in collaborative solutions there is no other choice.

The Notes client is a robust solution for email and applications. 

As an email platform, Notes can interface to your Exchange or other SMTP seamlessly.  But with the Domino server you integrate with a calendaring and scheduling solution that is years beyond Microsoft's solution.

Why Drupal?

Why use Drupal?

Among the best of reasons is that content can be drive by content, not simply by design.  One example of this is my menus on the left.  These are all views which link to documents.  As a result the design is extremely simple and at the same time dynamic.

Building Your Solution

Ok, so you want a corporate intranet/internet solution. So where do you start? First, you start with defining your requirements. Of course you can say "we need an internet presence" but that's too easy. It doesn't answer any business needs. For what purpose do you require this? eCommerce? Polls? Product presentation? For anyone to build a worthwhile site you will go through a tedious process of designing it down to the last detail. After that you will go through the process of verifying the developer's designs based on your information.

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